Cha Jones is a dynamic and captivating speaker known for her ability to inspire, empower, and entertain audiences worldwide. With a unique blend of humor, wit, and wisdom, Cha brings a fresh perspective to topics ranging from personal development and leadership to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Crafting a Message that Connects People and Cultures

Engaging Keynotes: Cha delivers engaging keynotes that leave a lasting impact on audiences. Her authentic storytelling and relatable anecdotes resonate with listeners, inspiring them to take action and pursue their goals with passion and purpose.

Tailored Workshops: From interactive workshops to immersive training sessions, Cha offers customized experiences designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of her clients. Whether it’s team building, communication skills, or personal branding, Cha’s workshops empower participants to unleash their full potential and achieve success.

Virtual Presentations: In an increasingly digital world, Cha seamlessly transitions her captivating presence and impactful message to virtual platforms. Through engaging virtual presentations, webinars, and online courses, she continues to connect with audiences around the globe, delivering valuable insights and practical strategies for personal and professional growth.

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Speaking Topics

Past Speaking Engagements


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"Communication is not about speaking what we think. Communication is about ensuring others hear what we mean."

 – Simon Sinek