It's Time to Play Big, Step Into Your Authentic Power

Don't do it alone

Let me assist you with getting out of your head and back into your heart!  As a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, I want to guide you to tap into your feminine essence and live the life you were designed to live. It’s easy to follow the path that others expect of you – go to the “right” school, study a certain field, get married, climb the corporate ladder. But is that truly what you want? Are you living a life aligned with your authentic self, or are you simply doing what has been expected of you? Together, we’ll peel back the layers of societal conditioning and rediscover the woman you were meant to be. My coaching will help you tune into your inner wisdom, honor your deepest desires, and boldly craft a life that fills you with purpose and joy. It’s time to stop playing small and start embodying your brilliant, radiant truth.

Are you an ambitious women who's tired of the HUSTLE life?
  • It’s time to listen to your enter calling and embrace your passion and purpose.
  • Stop putting off prioritizing YOU!
  • Create boundaries that allow you have more ease and flow in your life.
  • Begin to ask for what you need and stop being the Care Giver, and allow others to cater to YOU!
  • Release risistance and learn to ebrace peace and happiness.
  • Eliminate self-talk that keeps you stuck.
  • Stop doing what everyone else things or wants you to do, and start designing the life that you desire to live.

Program Description

Are you ready to break free from the mundane and embark on a journey of self-discovery, adventure, and personal growth? Welcome to “Wanderlust Unleashed,” a transformative coaching program designed for the modern-day explorer seeking to become a self-initiated expatriate.

About the Program:

“Wanderlust Unleashed” is not just a coaching program—it’s a soul-stirring odyssey that empowers you to break free from the constraints of routine, rediscover your sense of wonder, and embrace a life of freedom, exploration, and fulfillment. Whether you’re dreaming of sipping cocktails on a tropical beach, wandering through ancient cobblestone streets, or immersing yourself in the vibrant cultures of far-flung lands, this program is your ticket to expatriate bliss.

It doesn’t matter if you are simply burnt out, want to begin a spiritual journey, find your tribe of like minded people, become a digital nomad, or simply want to live in a foreign country and have interested cultural experience, Wanderlust Unleased is the program to assist you. 


Program Modules

In Their Words

Here is what my clients and colleagues have to say…

"I absolutely love Cha Jones! She is a dynamic speaker and a motivating, engaging coach. She has helped me work through some of the most pressing issues in my business and in my life. She has managed to help me focus my efforts and my attention so that I become the best version of me possible to serve myself and my clients."
Ashley Northington
CEO Denor Brands and PR Nashville, TN
"I have watched Cha develop her speaking and leadership abilities, and she is by far well on her way to becoming an exceptional motivational speaker and trainer—she is a natural. She is very diplomatic and has wonderful people and communication skills."
Ron Cohn
International Consultant Seoul, South Korea
"Cha is a true inspiration to women and girls around the world who are looking to expand their horizons and push their boundaries. The lady is surely a trailblazer to be associated with!"
Sri Thayi,
CEO of Country Goddess New, NY
"I enjoyed being coached by someone who has lived abroad and was able to help me to construct a plan of action that fits my personality and comfort level. I appreciated that Cha was able to help me to assess what was really important to me, as well as examine the fears that have prevented me from moving forward in the direction that I desire."
Z. Slaughter,
Coaching Client Atlanta, GA